All Hotel Ivana common areas available to guests (restaurant hall, TV lounge and bar), are air conditioned; there is also a large terrace with a panoramic view.

Guests can enjoy a well-kept garden, sheltered from the sun, perfect to relax during the day or to sip a drink before dinner.

The area is also suitable as playground for children, who can play freely under their parents’ watchful eyes.

The Hotel management, in order to ensure a growing comfort to its guests, is particularly attentive to room maintenance and cleaning, so that everyone can feel comfortable as “at home”.

Modern, functional rooms

Hotel Ivana rooms are spacious and comfortable, provided with private bathroom and balcony, so that guests can fully enjoy the atmosphere of this part of Adriatic Coast; many rooms are provided with shower cubicle.

In order to make the stay for all guests even more safe and comfortable, all rooms are provided with electronic safe and television with digital channels and are also easily accessible by elevator.

Availability of 4 bedded rooms and single rooms.

Free Car Parking

Hotel Ivana offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a free parking next to the hotel, to minimize any inconvenience due to transfer.

The accommodation facility is easily reachable both by car and by means of transport such as train, given the proximity to the railway station of Igea Marina, or by bus.